Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jesica movie

  Just watched 'No one killed Jessica' yesterday. Interesting & overwhelming at times. Somehow I feel the movie could have been handled in a better way. Firstly, the character of Sabrina , played by Vidya Balan is most depressing to watch.Here is a girl , fighting to nail her sister's murderer , & all she does is vent out her frustration in private.I expected  Sabrina to have an indomitable fighting spirit , remain positive at all times & also morally support her ailing parents.But the reel life Sabrina goes through the film like a person carrying a huge burden on her droopy shoulders,  without an iota of hope in her fight. Agreed that in a legal battle spanning a decade, even the strong willed can lose their faith ; but that fight for justice is the crux of the film & it has not been shown as expected. It is a sore for the eyes to see the normally vibrant & sensuous Vidya  potray such a morose character.
Also, Manu Sharma is potrayed by a faceless actor with no screen presence at all. Come on, he is the villain of the film; at least get an actor who looks like a spoilt brat & not a starved wimpy character!
There are certain moments in the film that do touch a chord & stand out like Vidya's sudden giggle during the trial, Rani's jumping on the bonnet of her boss's car & the candle light march. The flash back scenes showing the bond between the sisters are touching.
Lastly, the actor Myra is like a fresh breath of air in the movie. A fresh , youthful face & the go getter attitude of the late Jessica Lall is well defined in the movie.
So, the movie is worth a watch , but it could have been much, much better if the characters of Sabrina & Manu Sharma had punches at the right places.