Saturday, December 29, 2012


Watched Dabangg2 last night.Was throughly disappointed. Dabangg1 was such a treat to watch.It had the right punches,great music & was a through entertainer in all respects.Arbaaz khan has relied heavily on big bro's cult status at the box office &  scorching screen presence in every frame of the movie.For Salman, it is time to reinvent himself & display some versatility as far as his characters are concerned. Ek tha Tiger saw him emoting  & romancing well.
The sequel came too soon.Fevicol se is no patch on Munni badnam hui at all.when u plan a sequel to a classic entertainer,much research has to be done on the storyline, the music, etc because the public expectations turn sky high  .
 It has raked in 101 crores in 8 days   just becuase of the Salman factor.The movie is insipid  & boring; just like a dal without the tadka.


Nirbhaya passed away early today morning  after fighting  a brave 13 day battle for her life.Even one of the best hospitals in the world could not save her as she succumbed to multi organ failure.
This will definitely lead to more public outrage& trigger off more protests across the country.
It is indeed cruel that a young 23 year old physiotherapist on the threshold of a great career with dreams to make her parents proud had to endure the brutality of a gang rape which eventually took her life.
In another shocking incident, a 3 year old girl in Delhi was molested by the husband of the  owner of the play school in which she was studying.What is the country coming to?  How should women  protect themselves  in public?Is there a guarantee that if I cover myself from head to toe I will not be eve teased, leered at or molested?
The Delhi gang rape is indeed a final wake up call for our law makers & the government.This time the goverment has to bow down to the public demand for justise to rape victims .If I were to be asked then the rapists should be subjected to capital punishment , chemical castration or else death penalty.
But the question is how to we prevent rape?what is it that makes any man a monster enough to get physical  with a woman without her consent,assault her,destroy her soul& scar her mind for life?
  What are the triggering factors?First of all, all parents have to teach their sons to repect womenat all times.A woman gives birth  to a child , men  worship goddesses in temples yet women across the country are subjected by men  to physical & mental abuse,face domestic violence,discrimination at work place & worst are raped & murdered.In such a society how safe are our daughters?
Nirbhaya's fate could be any other Indian girl's fate if men across the country think it is okay to rape a woman & get away with it since the court cases drag for years & most victims do not register complaints due to social stigma.
I do not consider my self a crusader,  but  when I heard about Nirbhaya's death , I couldn't help thinking about the agony her parents must be going through now.Those parents who sold their land to fund their daughter's education have to face the grim reality of their daughter's death..
I would like to say to Nirbhaya that ' You were indeed a brave girl  in your life & in your death .
Because of you one day women in  this country will be safe to travel alone, be respected at all phases of their life.Rape victims across the country will hopefully have the courage to punish their tormentors & rebuild their lives again.All this because of your will to live in our last days
May your soul rest in peace'.